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Houston, TX - Manufacturing Plant Manager
Title:Houston, TX - Manufacturing Plant Manager
ID:2013 Q4
Manufacturing Plant Manager
Location:      Houston, TX (Polk St)
Job Shift:      Day

Lincoln Manufacturing is currently seeking a qualified candidate to fill the position of Manufacturing Plant Manager at our Houston, TX location. 
This is exempt position (salary).
The Plant Manager provides the organization, control, and direction in the Production Department to meet the production and profit objectives of Lincoln Manufacturing, Inc.
The Plant Manager oversees all sawing, machining, plating, painting and packaging of the products produced by Lincoln Manufacturing, Inc.

The Plant Production Manager reports to the General Manager.
The following personnel report to the Plant Manager:
  • The floor supervisors
  • The Second Shift Supervisor.
  • All unassigned production personnel.

  • Preparation of the daily work assignments for shop personnel.
  • Establishing and publishing standards of performance for all tasks performed in the departments.
  • Insuring that the skill and competency levels of all shop workers are sufficient to perform the assigned work.
  • Maintaining the workflow in the shop to meet the scheduled delivery dates.
  • Assign personnel and assets to the jobs appropriate to their abilities.
  • Regular and frequent inspections of all work performed in the shop.
  • Regular performance evaluations of all personnel in a direct reporting relationship.
  • Insuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and contracts.
  • Maintaining a system of maintenance and housekeeping to insure the optimum useful life and efficiency of all company resources in the shop.
  • Maintaining a hazardous free work environment and enforcing safety standards.
  • Maintaining positive communication channels to facilitate the unrestricted flow of information through the shop.
  • Managing the production problem identification and solving process in the shop.
  • Managing the conflict resolution process in the shop.
  • Establish and maintain a positive, future oriented work environment.
  • Foster and maintain consistent and uniform cooperation among all departments in the company.
  • Encourage and maintain a system of education, training, and self- improvement for all staff in the shop.
  • Ensuring all production reports are filled out properly and are reviewed on a daily basis to assure compliance with all production standards.
  • The Plant Production Manager will assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Vice President of Manufacturing.
  • Manages the day-to-day activities of the Shop Floor.
  • Assigns appropriate personnel to daily scheduled jobs to ensure smooth flow of work through the shop.
  • Assists in preparing the daily and weekly production schedule.
  • Reviews all job travelers for accuracy.
  • Prepares and updates performance standards for the shop.
  • Ensures that all machine setups are accurate.
  • Monitor inspections on all jobs.
  • Perform annual Performance Evaluations on all shop employees in a direct reporting relationship.
  • Monitor compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and contracts and report all variances to the Vice President of Manufacturing.
  • Schedule all maintenance and housekeeping in the shop and monitor compliance.
  • Compare the scheduled workflow with the actual on a regular basis during each day to insure compliance.
  • Regularly solicit all employees for comments and suggestions on the current work and problems that may exist.
  • Encourage positive problem solving attitudes by directing all conversation to that end.
  • Offer training and self-improvement opportunities to all shop personnel, and encourage participation.
  • The Plant Production Manager performs other duties as assigned by the Vice President Manufacturing.
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